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Why Do So Many Restaurants Love Degrenne Plates?

Well, in a nutshell, they are getting modern design, considerate shapes for plating, resilience and longevity all for a decent price.  What's not to love? Indeed, just as you may have unwittingly eaten off its plates and bowls whilst eating out, you may also have used Degrenne's cutlery.  In fact, this is how Degrenne started out. The innovative founder, Guy Degrenne, had the inspired idea of recovering the armoured steel of tanks used during the Battle of Normandy WWII, to produce stamping dies for stainless steel cutlery.  From these humble beginnings, the House of Degrenne was born. Degrenne embraced success with its appealing cutlery, but no resting on laurels for this House.  Porcelain factories were acquired and Degrenne set about designing and creating beautiful collections of tableware, glassware and hotelware. Today, Degrenne's global presence has not compromised the quality of products produced.  Precision, passion and expertise are all cultivated within

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